Sir Highspire Cocktail

Rye whiskey is the oldest spirit of the United States. Rye whiskey was conceptualised in 1798, with a distillery being set up in Mount Verno-- and the rest as they say is history, with its popularity continuing to grow today. Surely, bourbon and scotch are the most heard of, but rye whiskey is just as special with its big, bold, dry and spicy flavour profile.

Made with at least 51% rye grain, and aged in charred American oak barrels, the resurgence of the rye whiskey is evident with the increasing demand for innovative rye-based cocktails. Our favourite cocktails such as the Manhattan, Sazerac and more are all defined by their signature rye base.

The Sir Highspire cocktail has a similar profile to them. It is an emblematic drink with a contemporary spin on the classic Highspire whiskey that was established in 1823, where rye took center stage.

For this cocktail we recommend using a good quality rye to balance the prominent spice of the drink. Get creative in these holidays and try your hand at a novel cocktail to surprise your party guests. The Highspire whiskey with its warm aroma of roasted rye and lingering notes of fruit is widely appreciated for its uniqueness and complexity.

The Process

In a rocks glass combine 60 ml Highspire whiskey, 1 ½ teaspoon Laphroaig 10-year-old scotch, 15 ml Tempus Fugit Spirits crème de cacao, a bar spoon of Maraschino liqueur, dash of orange bitters, 2 dashes of Bittermens Xocolatl mole bitters.

Add ice and give it a brisk stir. Garnish with a chocolate or a cinnamon stick to finish this spirit-forward cocktail.

Ref: Add ice and give it a brisk stir. Garnish with a chocolate or a cinnamon stick to finish this spirit-forward cocktail.

Whisky Ginger Lime Highball with Royal Stag Barrel Select

A whisky cocktail so simple, yet so enticing, the Whisky Ginger Lime Highball not only lists all its ingredients in the name itself, but also drops a mention of the type of glass it is served in.Convenience and taste are the two driving forces behind a choice of cocktail. Something that doesn’t take your bartender a good 5 minutes to prepare, and which you can whip up within the comfort of your home at your next house party. Of course there are no doubts about the amazing burst of flavours either when it comes to this whisky drink.Traditionally made with Irish whiskey, it can easily be substituted with just about any whisky that goes down well and blends marvellously with just about any kind of mixer. Not pinching the pockets with a bang-for-the-buck whisky is just an added bonus none of us would like to forego.Boasting of all these qualities is the Royal Stag Barrel Select, a blended Indian whisky that is the harmony between imported Scotch malts and fine Indian grain spirit, matured in carefully selected Oak barrels. It is unlike any other Indian whisky, and can elevate the whisky cocktail experience effortlessly.

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