Mouthwatering Meatiness: Bourbon and Cured Ham

Country ham and bourbon make a great pairing for everal reaon. Certain commonalitie render them extremely compatible on the palate, uch a it mokine. Bourbon attain a mokine from it barrel’ char layer, while ham derive it from it own ageing proce.Country ham the freh hindquarter of a pig that ha been rubbed with a blend of 80 percent alt, 20 percent ugar, and a handful of black or cruhed red pepper. The cure leeche water from the meat, which i then moked and dry aged.There are a few baic guideline to follow when pairing the two.The higher the fat content of the ham, the better it goe with a high proof bourbon uch a Booker’, for example. The alcohol erve to eep into the fat and oak it with it rich, full-bodied flavor.The mokier the ham, the picier the whikey hould be, uch a a rye whikey or bourbon with high content of rye. The two element will counter each other perfectly, without overpowering the other.If you prefer lower proof bourbon, make ure to chooe a more delicately flavored ham. Try to enure that a high-proof bourbon doe not take away from the meat’ own flavor, o teer clear of thee when you have lighter varietie of ham at hand. Bail Hayden’ 80-proof bourbon i a tried and teted option for thee.When chooing your ham, try to buy them liced extremely thin. The thicker the ham, the higher it alt content. Thick ham alo tend to poe a chewy texture that take away from it ucculent tate.Alway erve both bourbon and ham at room temperature. Accompany with a ide of good-quality liced bread (baguette are excellent) to let your guet cleane their palate. Nut and dried fruit are fabulou choice too. When eaten with ham, they epecially heighten it meaty flavor and lend it a wonderful complexity.


You have had summer cocktails with whisky at their core. Light refreshing drinks such as the Bourbon Rickey, the Horse’s Neck, a Blinker or a Mint Julep. And then there are the heart-warming cocktails for the winter. You might prefer a Hot Toddy, or a Blood and Sand, maybe an Irish Coffee or a good old Manhattan. Mint, orange and lemon are great for the summer cocktails and coffee is great during winter, but what most whisky lovers are almost unaware of, is that curry makes a great pair when it comes to whisky, be it summer or winter. Most people at first don’t know how to react when they hear whisky and curry leaves or curry powder. But even though you may not have heard of this combination before, trust me, scotch and curry are as good a combination as any. The savoury, robust flavours of the curry are intense and stand tall against the flavour of all good Blended Scotch Whisky. The complexities of the flavours erupt on the taste buds, with this incredibly well balanced whisky cocktail. It is best to use a scotch such as Clan Campbell, with some peat smoke accentuating its flavour. You could also use a Ballantine’s 17 Year Old. There is no point in complicating things with 30 year old single malts. It is a simple drink to create, and is splendid for summer afternoons. Don’t be prejudiced towards the curry, just give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. Curry up now, or forever hold your peace.

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There is something very unflappably charming about butternut squash gnocchi. If served right, these are not just a treat for our taste buds but a sight to behold as well. Originated in Northern Italy, butternut gnocchi makes for a hearty meal, regardless of whether you sauté them with seasonal veggies or dress ‘em up in a piquant tomato sauce. However, if it’s an adventure you seek, it’s time you introduce some bourbon sauce into the mix. The subtle, sweet notes of rich, creamy bourbon sauce cleverly hides itself within the little flared chinks of gnocchi to deliver a distinct flavor with each bite.

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Whisky Sour

The – Cocktail Recipe Much like the Old Fashioned, or the Manhattan, the Whiskey Sour is an enduring, and a classic Bourbon whiskey cocktail that dates back over a century and a half. With none of its appeal fading away even today, it is, without a doubt, a Bourbon cocktail that could be your new favourite drink. Earliest mentions of the Whiskey Sour stretch back as far as 1870, and the International Bartenders Association has rewarded the Whiskey Sour with a place in their list of ‘Unforgettable Cocktails’. Without any intricate preparation, astronomically priced ingredients and ready to be served in a matter of minutes, the Whiskey Sour cocktail recipe is for you no matter your experience behind, or in front of the bar. For the base spirit, the Rabbit Hole Bourbon whiskey is the perfect choice for this whiskey cocktail. With zero Rye content, and Corn, malted Wheat, Honey malted Barley, and malted Barley, it is a smooth, richly flavoured drink that has the potential to turn an average Whiskey Sour into something truly divine!

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